Cuddle UP!

With the Softest Sheep furs

Sheep furs. Premium. Soft.

Sheep furs. Premium. Soft.

Our premium Sheep furs keep you warm on a cold night.
For each mood and setting we have the perfect fur and we go to great lengths to provide it for you.
Please inquire for options through the link below this page or reaching out to

In the North the sheep roam freely...

…And that makes our furs unique.

Brought by the Vikings more than a millennium ago, sheep now outnumber people in Iceland. With no outer influence the sheep have kept the same unique furs for more than a 1000 years.

It is for that exact reason almost all our furs are Icelandic.

In the North the sheep roam freely...

Spreading the Scandinavian Cozy

HYGGN is one of Scandinavia’s best kept secrets.

It is described as the cozy feeling you get when sharing stories with loved ones in the warmth of the fireplace while it is snowing outside.

HYGGN is hard to describe, easy to feel, and once known essential for everyone.

Spreading the Scandinavian Cozy

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